About Benito

“A man alone is small, but art provides the opportunity to express the greatness of being human.”

Benito was born in Mexico City in 1951. From the age of ten it became clear that he had artistic abilities. He developed an understanding that art was to be his calling, but he needed the means to find the right manner of expression. Always restless and seeking, he attended schools and workshops looking for the outlet until he came across scuplting. The San Carlos Academy, the National Institute of Fine Arts, National Autonomous University of Mexico, the Casa de Cultura de Oaxaca would realize his artistic training. In 1981 he began to publicize his work at events and exhibitions. In his formative years he realized how little support is given to the development of art and did not forget this insight. Thus, in 1981 founded, together with other artists, the Taller de Grafica Libre Oaxaca and in 1983, in the city of Taxco, became cofounder of the Institute of Visual Arts of Taxco and began his work as a teacher.
Taxco, universal cultural heritage and mining town, known for its architectural beauty, is where Benito decided to build his first personal production studio in 1985.

In 2008 he moved to Baja California Sur in the town of Todos Santos, an official “Pueblo Magico” (“Magical Town”) designated by the Mexican government. It provides a seaside inspiration for his work. A permanent exhibition showcases his work and keeps him in touch with the public who visit his studio gallery. It’s where he now unleashes his creativity, and where his hands move with skill, talent and discipline to give life to these images of beings and forms, blending Greco-Latin and indigenous mythologies to give rise to its own cosmogony and style.